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It started with the End: Living A Life Worth Living…

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  • My Mission
  • My Work
  • My Play

My Mission

Here at AlgoMind AI, we’re revolutionizing the way people learn about data science and machine learning. Innovative tools and engaging content come together on our platform to foster a thriving community of learners. Come along with us as we unravel mysteries, spark creativity, and explore the unknown.

My Work

I’m sure in time my mission, my work and my play will all merge into one. But for now I have two work entities I’m committed to for the greater well being and progression of others, whilst fulfilling my own desires to be useful and helpful.

Check out AudioFy and SuperBodied Performance.

My Play

This is where life curiosities manifest in whatever momentary ways that pique my interests. Currently, they are:
– DJing
– Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
– Bouldering
– Sapphic Voice-Overs
– Dark Romance Novellas
Whilst I am very vocal about the first three – happy hunting for the last two, may the brattiest little lamb find my favour.

– Connection – Community

From daily pursuits to eternal legacies

With everything I do – there’s always a loose goal in mind. If you ask me for specifics, I’ll give them to you with unfaltering confidence. But if you hang around for long enough, you’ll soon realise that I don’t hold on to anything really, as life has a way of completely usurping your plans in one gunshot.

I only have answers for your questions because on average if I shrug and tell people I don’t know (and I am totally OK with that) they end up feeling uncomfortable and uncertain for me. Which is unhelpful and somewhat jarring.

Of course, this is a “me” problem, so I’ve created a very haphazard “me” solution that seems to do well for now. The downside is when things fall apart and I’m carrying on and pivoting, the “what happened with XYZ” questions come up and I just shrug and say it fell apart, this is what I’m doing now.

Thankfully at this point, I haven’t had anyone really express their issues with my life as it’s actually an awkward thing to vocalise.

So, if you’re still here…here’s some milestone focal points I have for the not too distant future:

  • Leave the UK (Feb 2024)
  • Travel the world learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – and teaching Budokon Mobility
  • Run AudioFy and other projects as a remote business – funding my travel
  • Settle back home in Kenya (Jan 2025)
  • Buy Land in Kenya (tbd)
  • Get on the DJ festival circuits in the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere (chasing the summer) with the NuoDroid concept
  • Produce 1 personal concept music album
  • Produce the first NuoDroid experience album
  • Run an affiliate BJJ academy in Nairobi
  • Build my home and retreat space
  • Develop NuoDroid into its written, illustrated, performed and album iterations.

Ask Yourself:
Are You Living a Ridiculous Life?

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