Apparently I was born on a Thursday Afternoon when it was warm and humid by the sea. Granted it was in a hospital, and not a surprise…just a touch dramatic. There were BBQ tongs involved.

OK not “tongs” but those medical grippy things that look like tongs.

I got yanked out by my head OK?

Anyway. I exist. I don’t know why and I guess I’ve finally gotten fed up with the way life is going to try and actually figure out what that “Why” may be. No, I haven’t finished reading either of Simon Sinek’s books. But I have them, so that’s a start right?

If you, too, have no idea what the f**k you’re doing come join me in whatever medium tickles your pickle. If you want a more immediate, intimate and infintely more permanent location, my Substack is “bae”…for now.


From writings, to dreams. From hiring me to enjoying my podcast, see more of who I am and what I do below.

Ronin Reviews

For 2024, I’m travelling across the UK, Europe and USA to visit at least 30 gyms as a solo female BJJ vagabond and sharing my experiences – one gym at a time.

Life Blog posts…

Whenever I find the moment to wax lyrical for a spell, you’ll find my offerings here. They’re usually rooted in philosophy or psychology and grow through lived experiences and sprout into the musings you know and love to read.

The Kenya Dream

I lost my mother to suicide in 2019 and never got to repair my relationship with my step-father before he passed in 2020. So taking on “Carpe Diem” I’ve let this little Someday dream become a today crusade. I’ve setup a long-term GoFundMe with phases to this goal. Go check it out – it’s got Mt. Kenya views and Alpacas!

Hire me!

Rennaisance woman? Right here. You can hire or book me across various industries: Voice-Over Artist, Audiobook Coach+Producer, Podcast Producer, Mixed Movement Arts and Fitness Coach, Public Speaker, Performance DJ…

Did you know I have a podcast?

Since around 2019, I’ve been spending an hour or so waxing lyrical about various musings into a microphone and uploading it to the internet for people to listen to. It’s more like a personal diary of whimsy with occasional hard-hitting collections of episodes that take you somewhere. I’d love to say it’s on a regular schedule, but honestly what’s regular? Even with travelling and finally leaving the UK in 2024 and aiming to relocate back home in Kenya, the episodes will be sporadic – much like my life. So, go check out the homepage of Getting Shiggi With… and marinate your mind with my silky smooth velvety chocolate voice delivering all kinds of moments that make you think.

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