Apparently I was born on a Thursday Afternoon when it was warm and humid by the sea. Granted it was in a hospital, and not a surprise…just a touch dramatic. There were BBQ tongs involved.

OK not “tongs” but those medical grippy things that look like tongs.

I got yanked out by my head OK?

Anyway. I exist. I don’t know why and I guess I’ve finally gotten fed up with the way life is going to try and actually figure out what that “Why” may be. No, I haven’t finished reading either of Simon Sinek’s books. But I have them, so that’s a start right?

If you, too, have no idea what the f**k you’re doing come join me in whatever medium tickles your pickle. If you want a more immediate, intimate and infintely more permanent location, my Substack is “bae”…for now.

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people raising phones in dark room

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laptop and mic on tripod in studio before recording vlog

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