New for 2024 – get to grips with your gym training to aid you with your climbing goals this year. If you’re here from the flyers you’ve seen dotted about in EustonWall (or the posts on Instagram), you’re in safe hands! 

I created a more streamline experience within my Superbodied Hybrid training site which can be accessed by clicking the button below. Each workshop has a maximum of 6 attendees, so maybe don’t dilly dally, friend. 

Gym Time Heroes: The Workshops! (Overview)

Workshop 1 – Introduction to the gym + Dumbell work

Date: Saturday 6th January 10am – 11.30am

Starting off with why even consider being in a gym. We tuck into the importance and limitations of training in a gym space. We also expand upon other workout environments and how we can create a dynamic mindset to help take our workout intensions and modify them according to what’s available.

From that we look at the dumbbell rack and explore a total of 6 exercises to give you a whole body exercise system within the upper body vertical push, horizontal push and lower body push areas.


Workshop 2 – Expansion on training + Cable station work

Date: Saturday 13th January 10am – 11.30am

Building on from the introduction of training, we now expand into helpful habitual theories around creating a training habit that YOU can pick up and keep with you as the seasons and your life priorities change. This includes how to train and climb on the same day by respecting where your hard training focus will lie.

The cable station is demystified through explaining how it works, then helping you make it work for YOU when it comes to what exercises you’d like to do with it (and most importantly, WHY). We will quickly cover the similarities of the dumbbell exercises and how they can be done on a cable station, then add another 6 exercises to add to your whole body exercise system, now adding the upper body pull area.


Workshop 3 – Barbell Masterclass + Bodyweight HIIT

Date: Saturday 20th January 10am – 11.30am

Theory is now handed over to you where we have concepts and goals constantly asking important questions in the background whilst this session is very heavy on practical movement – literally!

The squat rack is introduced to help you understand its basic versatility in covering how to safely approach the “Holy Quaternity” of primary compound barbell lifts: Deadlift, Squat, Bench Press, Shoulder Press.

The majority of this workshop focuses on safety and introduction level movements with the barbell or no-weight training bar.

To round off this workshop you’ll be introduced to the concept of High Intensity Interval Training (if you’ve attended any of the Tuesday Free Gym Socials, this will be a more in-depth revision) with just bodyweight. We will cover and run through: upper body, lower body, plyometric and core focused conditioning styles.


Workshop 4 – Cardio Mastery, Kettlebells, TRX + Mobility

Date: Saturday 27th January 10am – 11.30am

An extended follow on from the HIIT intro in the previous workshop, the airbike and C2 Concept Rower will be fully introduced to you as well as how LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) cardio is just as important as Metabolic Conditioning which includes lifting weights at speed but within the realms of what you know and what is comfortable.

Kettlebells can have its own 4 workshops! But we’re going to tackle the very very basics as well as cross pollinate the dumbbell movements you already know within the space of kettlebells to add in core stability work.

Suspension training (better known as the TRX) is often overlooked, so we’ll spend time looking at how versatile a suspension trainer is, and 4 key movements that are a great transfer to climbing.

To round off the workshops we’ll look at mobility and what it actually means – no it’s not just stretching. We’ll cover 6 upper and lower body movement patterns you can use to warm up, cool down or add as a strengthening proponent to your training.


(Bonus) Your 8-week Programme!

Only available to those who’ve attended all 4 workshops fully.

Having overseen your training and made notes on what you enjoy and what you disliked, Shiggi will design an 8-week gym training programme and offer you the opportunity to be held accountable to your gym goals! Through the Superbodied fitness app – you can opt to log your progress and have in-app messaging and calls with Shiggi to keep you on track.

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